The construction sites are open for the European Horizon2020 projects that see the GATE SpA at work for the next four years, together with other partners. Goal: building platforms based on AI dedicated to the digital transformation of European SMEs.

The KITT4SME (platform-enabled KITs of arTificial intelligence FOR an easy uptake by SMEs), in particular, aims at offering to European SMEs and mid-caps hardware, software and organizational tools, through a digital, modular and customizable platform capable of introducing Artificial Intelligence in all areas of their production systems. 

DENiM (Digital intelligence for collaborative ENergy management in Manufacturing), which addresses green applications of I4.0 technologies, aims at developing a platform based on Artificial Intelligence that enables a collaborative approach for energetic management of manufacturing plants. DENiM offers European SMEs a system of advanced services based on IoT, data analytics, digital twin, energy modelling e automation for a constant assessment of the energetic impact.

GATE’s partners’ know-how and the technical skills, among which the partner companies ERRE QUADRO and Texty, contribute to the construction of value for these projects.