On February 25th the first Assembly of the partners of GATE SpA took place. The meeting, which called for over 70 partners, took place in a digital manner, not only due to the pandemic but also to ease the many partners connected from other regions or from abroad. 

The GATErs network is widespread not only on a geographical level but also under a skills and professional experience one.

Over 70 physical people and 11 tech companies compose GATE SpA. “Embedded” in the partners are over 2.500 years of professional experience in different fields: R&D, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Operations e Legal. There are many skills also in the Management/CEO field. The technological know-how of GATE SpA is also enriched by the member companies, who operate in frontier technological fields, among which IoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning. 

A Network that represents the main trigger for actions of Business Venturing, Scaleup, business and technology integrations that GATE SpA puts in place. 

A Network that is able to activate many other networks. A reachable universe of 100.000 market peers. A special thanks to all the GATErs for being part of this strong community thought and dedicated to the creation and growth of new tech ventures.