Riccardo Apreda, Francesca Ciardelli, Gualtiero Fantoni, Valentina Frediani, and Cipriano Moneta. These 5 partners, two of which are also co-founders, manage GATE SpA.

Riccardo Apreda, who has a long experience first in academia and later as R&D manager in Erre Quadro, a tech company of which he is co-founder, tells how the “GATE SpA project” was born from a matured certainty throughout the years: Pisa is a place filled with talents and innovation that, however, isn’t able to always grow according to its potential. GATE SpA is born as a synthesis platform between technological know-how and market expertise, capable of supporting new ventures’ expansion on the market. 

This certainty was shared by Gualteiro Fantoni, Associate Professor of the University of Pisa, co-founder of FabLab Pisa and of two university spin-offs, and co-founder of GATE. He insists that “GATE starts from a territory that is one of the most prolific in Italy and in the world from an early stage technological offer (research and demonstration in laboratory) point of view. However, it is an arid territory under a business opportunity point of view. This is why the capability of intercepting this energy and directing it on other markets can provide a great impulse”. 

Francesca Ciardelli, Accountant, who, as a profession, closely observes the challenges that the companies of the territory face, suggests that GATE can help Startups and innovative SMEs reach the threshold of necessary critical mass in order to become more competitive on a national and international level and position itself as a platform capable of intercepting opportunities and technological innovation mainly under on digital transformation level. 

This vision is also supported by Valentina Frediani, new vice-President of GATE SpA and entrepreneur. Today businesses more than ever need the energy that comes from the world of research and development, from laboratories and universities and a vision more and more connected to the anticipation of the market’s needs.

Do not forget, as Cipriano Moneta highlights – who has a long experience as General Manager in national and international contexts – that in GATE new entrepreneurship is created, in which the partners are often protagonists, capable of measuring themselves with the Italian and foreign markets. GATE’s goal? Being great, potentially the best at catalysing interest and resources, whether they are skills or new funding channels for startups and scaleups. 

As the CDA underlines, GATE SpA rests its value mainly on its partners: a wide and variegated base of over 70 professionals, 11 companies with precious technological know-how. A strongly business-oriented community, that sees the “GATErs” as allies, suppliers and clients, but also as co-investors and co-designers.


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