Beam Me Up is a new innovative startup born in the training field of GATE SpA.

Beam Me Up isn’t a training agency, rather it amounts to a technological provider that triggers on the data analytics systems in order to identify the training needs that respond to the new necessities of the market. Beam me Up also profoundly innovates the process of creation of new training contents, using a system of high engineering for the automation of the processes related to design, production and digitalization of high-level training courses. 

Beam Me Up designs and produces digital training that presents modern contents and a modern method of use. The developed teaching model allows to reduce the learning time and increase the depth with which concepts are learned and mastered.

Beam Me Up addresses those who are seeking professional and personal growth supported by courses of high-level training regarding management, digital and industrial topics. 

Each student can choose the courses and combine them as he or she wishes in order to build his or her own time machine and teletransport themselves in a future that is more satisfying under a professional point of view and closer to their aspirations.